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Christmas Dreams brings the fabulous world of Lemax Christmas Village Collections right to your door, whether you are looking for Lemax houses, figurines, or display accessories, are in Australia, New Zealand or worldwide. Our great selection of Christmas houses and display accessories will give your Lemax Christmas displays that real WOW factor. With worldwide shipping, the latest from the Lemax brand, super specials and friendly expert advice from real villaging enthusiasts, we are your onestop LEMAX shop. 

We are looking forward to 2016 with great excitement. We will be topping up many of your past favourite Figurines, Table Accents and Trees - and, of course, the Carnival ! 

Our new inventory will be on the shelves by August 10th, 2016!

Have you watched our Youtube videos on this year's (2015) Carnival? If not, you have missed a Classic - "Lemax Collectors Club" featured our video in their recommended playlist. We also uploaded a video of the "2016 New Items" to our Vimeo channel.

New for 2016, specially for those wishing to take their displays to a completely new level of sophistication, ARDUINO Micro-controllers, matching 5V Relays, Motor Drivers for DC and the very popular 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors, LEDs and LED controllers. Our Youtube channel will be featuring tutorials on the use of these sophisticated (yet simple to use) marvels of automation.

Looking for more villaging ideas or advice? Join our Lemax enthusiasts community on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Our Facebook page has almost three years worth of posts and over 600 photos and videos!  Check them out for 'How To' and 'Display' videos posted almost weekly along with lots of advice, tips and tricks on how to give your display that WOW factor. 


Happy Shopping and Lemax Villaging 


Online Lemax Village Collection Specialist - Christmas Dreams