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Christmas Dreams is an Internet shopping site that deals exclusively in the hobby of Villaging. Whilst most of our stock consists of the famous Lemax brand, we are unique in offering specialized items from "outside" the hobby which we have used in our own displays,  items such as bonzai trees, grasses, flowers and fake snow.                

In 2013, we had made a commitment to support the "Carnival" range by carrying all the rides, stalls and figurines. 2014 will see an even greater commitment to this range - more rides, new and old, more figurines, vendor stands and supporting accessories. Wherever available, we will also continue to stock the old favourites. Keep an eye open for new projects videos which we will be posting on our dedicated youtube channel (linked through the video gallery) - many money saving ideas to further enhance your Carnival displays.

SNEAK PREVIEW:  First look at some of the new Carnival items ! (first video in "Video Gallery" category)

The "catch word" at Christmas Dreams in 2014 is "Micro-Animation"! Stay tuned for our series of Youtube tutorials on how you can jump aboard!

Christmas Dreams